Alpaca My Bags is the Canadian podcast that explores how to travel responsibly.

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Do you want to be a responsible tourist? Join travel writer, Erin Hynes, her trusty podcast producer, Kattie Laur, and their guests around the world as they take a careful look at what truly makes travel and tourism responsible.

Kattie Laur, Producer, and Erin Hynes, Host. Photo by Gabby Frank.

Topics covered include dark tourism, sustainable travel, voluntourism, travel privilege, what it means to travel authentically, and so much more. Every episode introduces you to unique and underrepresented perspectives, and provides you with the tools and information you need to travel the world in a mindful way!

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Alpaca My Bags was featured on Apple’s New & Noteworthy list, 2019, and was a finalist in the 2020 People’s Choice Podcast Awards.

In 2022, we were featured in the Together section of the Toronto Star and CBC’s Podcast Playlist.

In October 2022, the show was shortlisted for two Traverse Creator Awards. And, we’ve hit the podcast charts in Canada, USA, Ireland, UK and more in the category Places & Travel.


Alpaca My Bags is written and hosted by Erin Hynes, and it’s produced by Kattie Laur, in Toronto and Brantford, CA. Episodes are released every other Wednesday.

Alpaca My Bag’s logo is by Christopher McCluskey.

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